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Guidance for Quality Assurance Project Plans for Modeling EPA QA/G-5M, December 2002,  EPA/240/R2-007, 121 p.  

Guidance for Geospatial Data Quality Assurance Project Plans EPA QA/G-5G, March 2003, EPA/240/R3-003, 106 p.  

Performance Quality Flow Measurements at Mine Sites, US EPA, Office of Research & Development, September 2001, EPA/600/R-01/043  (450 KB) 99 p.

Simulation of Ground-Water Flow and Pumpage in the Kings and Queens Counties, Long Island, NY, 1999, USGS, WRI 98-4091, (2.5 MB), 56 p.

Simulation of Freshwater-Seawater Interfaces in the Brooklyn-Queens Aquifer System, Long Island, NY, 1999, USGS, WRI 98-4067, (472 KB), 30 p.

Development of a Data Evaluation/Decision Support System for Remediation if Subsurface Contamination, US EPA, Office of Research and Development, July 2001, EPA/600/R-01/044  (998 KB) 67 p.

Ground-Water Model Testing: Systematic Evaluation and Testing of Code Functionality and Performance, US EPA, National Risk Management, Research Laboratory, Ada, OK, February 1997, EPA/600/R-97/007  (2.7 MB) 316 p.

Groundwater Flow Modeling Guideline, Murray-Darling Basin Commission, November 2000,  Project No. 125  (2.7 MB) 133 p.  
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Technical Protocol for Evaluating Natural Attenuation of Chlorinated
Solvents in Ground Water, US EPA, Office of Research and Development, September 1998, EPA/600/R-98/128/  (2.5 MB) 248 p.

Class I Underground Injection Control Program: Study of the Risks Associated with Class I Underground Injection Wells, US EPA, Office of Water, Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water, March 2001, (553 KB) 113 p.

Engineering Approaches to In Situ Bioremediation of Chlorinated Solvents: Fundamentals and Field Applications, US EPA, Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response, July 2000 (Revised), EPA 542-R-00-008 (2.2 GB) 144 p. 

Natural Attenuation of Chlorinated Solvents, Performance and Cost Results from Multiple Air Force Demonstration Sites, October 1999, Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence, ACFEE Technology Demonstration, Technical  Report Summary (1.5 MB) 101 p.

Permeable Reactive Barrier Technologies for Contaminant Remediation, US EPA, Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response, September 1998, EPA/600/R-85/125 (945 KB) 102 p.

Maximum Contaminant Levels and Health Advisory Levels, Appendix D, September 30, 1999 EPA  (125 KB) 54 p.

Groundwater Hydrology, Engineering Design, US Army Corps of Engineers, February 28, 1999, EM-1110-2-1421 (1,168 KB) 122 p.

Class V Underground Injection Control Study, Volume 1, Study Approach and General Findings, September 1999, EPA/816-R-99/014a (154 KB) 64 p.

Class V Underground Injection Control Study, Volume 16, Aquifer Remediation Wells, September 1999, EPA/816-R-99/014p (297 KB) 83 p.

Understanding the Variation in Partitioning Coefficient, Kd, values and Volume I and II, The Kd Model, Methods of Measurements, and Application of Chemical Reaction Codes, August 1999, EPA 402-99-004a.   Volume I (2,717 KB) 212 p.  Volume II (1,978 KB) 334 p.

Design Guidelines for Conventional Pump-and-Treat Systems, September 1997, Robert M. Cohen, James W. Mercer, Robert M. Greenwald and Milovan Beljin, EPA/540-S-97/504 (1,236 KB) 38 p.

Hydrogeologic Characterization of Fractured Rock Formations: A Guide for Groundwater Remediators, 1996, Andrew Cohen, EPA/600/S-96/001, (272 KB) 12 p.

Light Nonaqueous Phase Fluids, Charles J. Newell, Steve D. Acree, Randall R. Ross and Scott G. Huling, 1995, EPA/540/S-95/500  (242 KB) 28 p.

A Compendium of Fracture Flow Codes - 1994. D.M. Diodato, 1994. Energy Systems Division, Argonne National Laboratory, Technical Memorandum 96, November 1994. ANL/ESD/TM-96, (298 KB) 94 p.

Symposium on Natural Attenuation of Groundwater, 1994, EPA/600/R-94/162 (2,197 KB) 151 p.

TCE Removel from Contaminated Soil and Groundwater, Hugh Russell, John Matthews, Guy Sewell, January 1992, EPA/540/S-2/002 (49 KB) 10 p.

Behavior of Metals in Soils, Joan McLean and Bert Bedsloe, October 1992, EPA/540/S-92/018 (233 KB) 25 p.

Fundamentals of Groundwater Modeling, Jacob Bear, Milovan Beljin, and Randall Ross, April 1992, EPA/540/S-2/005 (88 KB) 11 p.

Contaminant Transport in Fractured Media, Models for Decision Makers, Stephen Schmelling and Randall Ross, 1989, EPA/540/4-89/004 (46 KB) 8 p.

Giffin, D.A., and D.S. Ward, 1989. Analysis of early-time oscillatory aquifer response, Proceedings of New Field Techniques, Dallas, Texas, March 20-23. (2.3 MB KB) 27 p.

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